About wally

With the massive growth in online retail and transactions, people often end up using multiple different apps to manage their financials.

Wally bridges this gap by offering an online banking app to easily manage money, make and request payments and save across multiple savers.

The Problem

People don’t want to rely on having to carry their wallet around to make payments. They want to enjoy a smooth and secure payment process via their phone.

The Process

Competitive Analysis

To discover working strategies of existing competitors and opportunities to improve upon, two leading online payment platforms were investigated.

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wally affinity mapping gif

Interviews and Surveys

Qualitative and quantitative research was done through interviews and surveys to identify the problem users were currently experiencing around online payments.

The research data was analysed through affinity mapping.

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User Personas

Based on the research findings, two different user personas were created.

These user personas, Sam and Meghan, were referenced throughout different stages of the design process to build empathy and keep their needs front of mind.

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User Journeys

User journeys were created based on the Nielsen Norman model. This ensured a user-centric approach was applied.

By looking at the different touch points between the user and product over a period of time, user journeys turned out to be a valuable tool to discover new ways of solving the user problem.

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User Stories

To break the scope of work into manageable tasks, user stories were created for each of the app’s high-level requirements.

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“As a user, I want to move money between different groups so that I can save for particular goals.”

“As a user, I want to set budgets for different categories, so that I am less likely to spend too much.”

“As a user, I want to search for a particular transaction, so that I can split this payment with other people.”

User Flows

Once a clear understanding of the user was established, user flows were the first step towards designing a solution. Through user flows, a rough idea of the required screens was developed before continuing to site mapping.

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Site Map

A card sort was conducted with potential users to discover the most logical way of grouping elements from a user perspective

This information was used during the site map creation in which the app structure was further laid out.


Wireframes were created in different fidelities for both mobile and desktop.

Using pen and paper, low-fidelity wireframes allowed for quick iterations.

Mid-fidelity and high-fidelity wireframes were created in Figma and a high fidelity prototype for mobile was used for usability testing.

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Wireframes of Home Page

Usability Testing

Usability testing was conducted with six participants. The test results were analysed through affinity mapping and a rainbow spreadsheet.

Results showed hesitance towards making a saving goal and discomfort around payment reminders due to a lack of personalisation.

Various iterations were made based on the rest results to improve to the app's usability.

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Preference Testing

Preference testing was conducted to test the visual designs of the budget feature. Results revealed the user’s preferred visualisation, and gave insights into how users interpreted the goal of the budget feature based on each design.

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The Result

Interactive Prototype

Once iterations were implemented, UI was applied to all screens.

The finalised wireframes were then turned into an interactive prototype consisting of 125 screens.

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Payment Requests

Feature 01

Split Payments

Want to request money back from friends? Create a request, send them a link or simply head to a previous transaction and split it with anyone you fancy.

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Create Savers

Feature 02


No need to save all your money in one place. Create as many savers as you want to keep a clear overview.

Need a little help to save? Set deadlines, create automated deposits or add a lock to your saver to stop yourself from taking money out.

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Payment Reminders

Feature 03

Payment Reminders

We all have that one friend who always owes someone money. No need for those awkward conversations anymore.

Go to a specific payment request and simply send them a reminder to pay. You can even add a message to make it more personable.

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Feature 04


It’s nice to feel like you actually control your spending habbits. With budgetting you can dedice how much you want to spend and keep track of your behaviour.

Want to get uber organised? Adding categories will do just that for you.

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Style Guide

A custom style guide was created including logo, colours, UI elements, tone of voice, typography, grids and lay outs and more. Special attention was given to make the app accessible to all audiences, including those with vision and hearing impairments.

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